David Cross


"Not just a photographer. THE photographer, if we're being honest." - Judd Apatow

“You are the easiest, best photographer to work with- always.” – David Cross

"Kid, you're great." – Don Rickles

“Dan Dion knows how to photograph a comic. It’s almost Voodoo. He captures a momentary glimpse of their souls. Which is strange, because a comic has no soul" – Lewis Black

“Every top comedian's choice of photographer… The best images of these oft-photographed icons.” – GQ

“I love your work. I look at the photos at Gotham and think "this guy knows what he's doing."” – Jerry Seinfeld

“I think that's the picture I would want to be remembered by….[Dan] photographs from the inside out.” - George Carlin

"You are an amazing diviner of the soul." - Rick Overton

“I love the way you take pictures.” – Lucinda Williams

“Very tasteful.”- Dan Aykroyd

"The only one I let see the real me." - Rick Shapiro

"Just fucking superb. Best pic I've ever been involved in." –Tim Minchin

"There are maybe five photographers worldwide who do what he does, and fewer still who don’t do what he doesn’t do."- SF Chronicle

“You are very good at what you do.” – Mitch Hedberg

“Your work is important.” – Jim Marshall

“You get the dark side of comics, too. That’s what I like.” – Ben Folds

“Great photos!” – Jon Hamm

“What nice portraits. I don't think I've ever seen shots of myself like this. Thank you.” – Laraine Newman

“Excellent work.” – Martin Mull

“Dan managed to capture an underlying spirit and fresher essence of me. His use of color is simultaneously subtle and dramatic, and exquisitely complimentary.” – Lily Tomlin

“Very nice work.” – Steve Martin

“Fucking awesome!” – Roseanne Barr

“These are beautiful.” – Berke Breathed

“I’ve never seen your work…and I love it!” - Paul Dinello

“Dan makes you feel very comfortable during his photo shoots. I just wish he would keep his clothes on.”- Kevin Nealon

"These are amazing photos, but I'm in really bad company”- Bob Saget

"You're my new photographer. Fuck everyone else." - Lisa Lampanelli

“The shots look really, really great.”- Jennifer Love Hewitt

“That was horrible. Thank you.”- Kevin Pollak (photophobe)